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Soothing Lavender Face & Body Balm

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Relief For Toddler

Hi David,

My husband and I would like to take this opportunity to say that we are very grateful for your Lavender Face & Body Balm which has helped our son Damien significantly. He still gets odd flare-ups when he is teething or when he is sniffly (thus, when his immune system is a bit compromised) but nowhere as bad as what we experienced.

I have included some photos of Damien at his worst (skin red and angry and peeling) and a recent one of him.

Thanks very much to you and your wife. Keep the good work up!

Relieved Parent
New Zealand

Hypoallergenic Face and Body Balm

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Hi, I just wanted to say a big thank you on behalf of my 18mth old son! He's had eczema on his face for over a year now (has a few tiny patches on his torso too). I have tried 12 different things either from the dr / pharmacy or health store. Nothing has made a difference including nasty steroid cream. Then I found your product online. You can se ein the photo how his skin improved over a 2 week period. I'm delighted! Thank you! Kellie Radcliffe Christchurch, NZ

Newborn Giftpack with Hypoallergenic Balm

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Newborn Giftpack with Lavender Balm

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Soothing & Healing Nappy Rash Cream

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Professional Testimonial

"Best nappy rash cream ever. We tried the Royal Childrens Hospital goo, Calmoseptin, Bepanthem, Sudocream, Vaseline, Olive Oil for 2 months with no real effect after a few bouts of gastro left our boy red raw and bleeding. Your cream fixed it in less than 1 day." 

Dr J (MBBS; BMedSci) Rehabilitation Registrar Victoria
August 2015

Psorexederm Cream

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Didn't think it would work on my child who had eczema from 8months old to 8years Old. solved by Psorexederm Cream

"Hi, I am writing to thank you so much - honestly I have tears in my eyes. My daughter has suffered with severe excema from the time she was six months old and she is now 8. We have smothered her in cortisone cream and other special products for all those years and it has managed it a bit but not ever cleared it up to a level where she was comfortable. She is always always itchy. A friend told me about your product but we've tried so many formulas I had no doubt it would not work. Any way I thought I would try it - she was so insistent. Within 24 hours of using the psorexerderm cream all her excema was gone!! Only scabs from itching left. 4 days in still no excema and the biggest thing - no itching at all. We would always be telling her not to itch and there is no need any more. Even in this stinking hot weather which usually makes her heaps worse. She often has a couple of doses of zyrtec a day but not anymore! She is so excited and I am so very relieved. What a blessing and a gift! Thanks so very much." 


Psorexederm Penetrating Ointment

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"I received the Psorexederm Ointment yesterday and my hands already feeling better.

Over 20 years of having contact dermatitis from hairdressing and general house cleaning, it's by far the most effective product I've used!!"

December 2016

Previt Cream

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Psorexederm Scalp Lotion

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Tried Everything and so glad I found you on the internet.

"Hi David .After trying everything on the market and seeing a dermatoligist I was at the end of my tether thinking i was stuck with awful scalp dermatitis. I found you on the internet and read the testamonails of your customers then ordered your scalp lotion. When it arrived in the mail I couldnt wait to use it. I have only used it for four nights and am definitly noticing a big difference. The itching is less and the crusts are coming off.Its not a big area but so annoying so you are an answer to my prayer. Once the crusts are off my scalp stoped producing that yellow sebum.Also iam keen to dye my grey streaks as I have done for years without problem. Thankyou for your time and I will be telling others about your products."


David Hosking's Triple Action Acne Lotion

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Cleared up the acne on my chin within just a few days of use! Coming back to purchase more.

October 2016

Soothing Blue Acne Gel

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Clear Skin Starter Kit

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Extra Rich Moisturizing Cream

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Cannot believe the difference in 48 hours.

"Dear David I just had to tell you just how absolutely wonderful your own "DAVIDS Extra Rich Moisturising Cream" is. My skin is so very dry, my hands like sandpaper for years, rough cuticles & etc. legs pretty scaly too. I can not believe the difference in only 48hrs after applying your cream. I have tried everything out there, nothing has worked, even My face feels softer too, I'm sure it'll improve much more in another few days. I'm so glad I saw the cream - just had to let you know how grateful I am. Many thanks"


Antioxidant Face Cream

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I have been using David Hosking's Antioxidant Face Cream for almost 2 years and can attest that it works well on maintaining moisture with day to day use.

It is light enough to use morning and night and goes well under makeup without leaving sticky residue as many creams do.

Having used many expensive alternatives, I can confidently say that this cream is every bit as good and I will continue to use it for as long as it is made. 

April 2021


Rosacea Cream (Sulphur Cream)

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Fast effective treatment of Rosacea.

"To David & Ros Hosking David’s Pharmacy I would like to offer my thanks to you and share my enthusiasm, with your website readers, for one of your products: David’s Sulphur Cream Let me try to explain – in my case, I have long had a skin condition, known as Rosacea (I didn’t even know it had a name, let alone how to treat it!). it is a rash-like reddening of the exposed skin, particularly on your face, associated with some minor swelling, giving a blotchy sunburnt appearance. (For the less self-conscious of us, it is not really uncomfortable or particularly annoying, except when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror or look at a photo with the only person standing out like a Stoplight – You!). For me this is a sporadic event, mainly associated with exposure to cold weather. Working outside this winter, in the elements, has caused the condition to flare up again. My plight was exasperated by attendants from another Pharmacy, with their best intentions to help me, providing medication, which in the past has done little, and this time has made the condition worse! Thanks to your careful attention, I purchased your Rosacea cream and I am delighted with the result. Within 3 days there was a noticeable reduction in the redness and after 1 week I could see and feel the skin returning to normal. Now after 3 weeks use, I have reached the stage where I am completely satisfied with the result, in fact, the redness has abated and the cream has had the added benefit of clearing up the dry, flaking skin problem I also had! I realise that the condition I have will never be completely cured, but I feel relieved that it can be controlled with the simple use of your cream! I feel thrilled to have found your Website and for a small amount of money, relieved a problem I have suffered for years. For all the people who have not had the opportunity to visit David’s Pharmacy, allow me to provide a quick word picture – The shop is located on Keilor Road, in suburban North Essendon, 200 meters past one of the busiest intersections in the district, - where Melbourne’s famous Electric trams clatter past the door en route to their terminus 6 klm away. The shopfront is only small, but full of all the things you’d expect from a “good old family Chemist shop”. The surprising thing is that David’s own products all appear to be hand made, he has resisted the temptation to commercialise and it’s like finding one of those little “Secrets” in the suburbs. If you live nearby it’s worth the drive for such a positive outcome! Please accept my sincere thanks" 



Soothing Lipcream

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Got this lipcream when I started taking Roaccutane, as everyone warned me I'd suffer terribly from dry lips. But no! Carrying my trusty David's Soothing Lipcream with me everywhere, I didn't suffer a single day of dry lips! 

Goes great over lipstick for a glossy finish too!


Breast Rash Cream

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Very Rapid improvement in a short time.

"Hi David, I ordered your cream in the early hours of Sunday morning when I couldn't sleep because of my itchy painful red raw rash. The cream arrived first thing Tuesday morning and I'm writing this Friday. I cannot believe the improvement in that short time, I have gone from totally miserable to quite content. My rash is not gone but it is certainly looking heaps better. Thank you so much, all I did was google 'breast rash' and I was lucky enough to find your product" 

Tinea Cream

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Worked where newer antifungal compounds failed.

"Have recommended you to others and they too have been satisfied with your remedies. The tinea cream provided quick relief of an infection of many years duration that did not respond to any of the newer antifungal compounds. Not only were they ineffective, they were shockingly expensive. When my symptoms reappear (they do after a time) they now clear up after only a few days of treatment. Thank you for your fine product and your concern for your customers." 

January 2013

Nipple Cream (Pure Lanolin)

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NS Soap-Free Wash

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Menthol 1% Cream

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