Extra Rich Moisturizing Cream DH20A

Moisturising Cream

Our Extra Rich Moisturising Cream provides a one-step cleansing and moisturising treatment that produces an almost immediate improvement in your dry skin condition.

It contains 25% moisturisers and humectants in a non-oily, hypoallergenic formulation that attracts and holds moisture within your skin to prevent skin dryness aanywhere on the body.

The special formulation of our premium facial treatment has been designed for people of all ages who have basically healthy skin. Regular use will keep your skin looking and feeling younger and smoother.

Note: If you are looking for a hypoallergenic moisturiser that is also very effective for abnormal skin conditions like eczema, we recommend using David's Hypoallergenic Face and Body Balm.

The Extra Rich Moisturising Cream is ideal for skin that may be affected by a dry skin (xerosis) disorder, excess oil problems such as blackheads and acne or people with normal skin who want an easy to use, one-step, highly effective, skin care treatment.

The formula is very low in oily emolients but high in non-oily moisturisers making it suitable for all undamaged skin types.

Dry skin on leg

Very dry skin

The photo (left) of a very dry skin condition is typical of dryness often experienced by older people. Our Extra Rich Moisturising Cream is a perfect, lightweight moisturiser for this condition. For a more intensive, thicker moisturiser, try our Hypoallergenic Face and Body Balm.

Special Note: Damaged Skin

David's Extra Rich Moisturising Cream may not be effective for the following skin disorders: eczema, psoriasis, aged and thin skin or badly sunburnt skins.

Sunscreen Protection

We also stress that David's Moisturising Cream is not to be used in place of a sunscreen. We recommend the use of quality sunscreen any time you are likely to be exposed to the sun. This is particularly true in countries like Australia, where the outdoor sun can be very fierce and products with a SPF30+ (Sun Protection Factor) rating should be used.


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