Soothing Blue Acne Gel DH55

This soothing gel is ideal for use in all skin types. The main active ingredient, vitamin B3 (also known as niacinamide) works to reduce blackheads and inflammation associated with acne.

When applied, the gel is colourless and dries rapidly to form an invisible film on the skin.

Apply at night to whole face, or use as spot-treatment.

Suitable for use during pregnancy, and for those with very dry, sensitive skin.

David’s Soothing Blue Acne gel can be used in conjunction with David’s Triple Action Acne Lotion.

David’s Soothing Blue Acne Gel can also help reduce redness associated with rosacea when used in conjunction with David’s Sulphur Cream. Simply use the Gel in the morning and the Sulphur Cream at night.


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