When people ask me if my products are natural or organic what I find they really mean is "Are your products Safe?”.

"Organic" is a totally abused term in advertising.

In science, “organic” means anything containing carbon, soit can be used to describe anything from meat to pesticide. Many so-called "organic" products contain nothing but chemicals made in laboratories. Yet they can be called organic quite truthfully.

"Natural" is used in advertising to convey a safe feeling. Yet Mother Nature can be very harmful. Opium is natural, the deadly poison strychnine is natural and many toadstools and garden plants (foxgloves) are natural but deadly. Peanut butter is natural but can cause deadly allergies in children (NO peanut oil is used in our products for this reason.)

Synthetic products can be made safer and more effective than the natural equivalents. For example, synthetic cleansers are much less irritant than natural soaps made from vegetable or animal fats.

My philosophy is to combine the safest ingredients from the natural world, the organic world, both synthetic and natural. The whole intent is to produce the safest product that is highly effective.

Our Hypoallergenic Balm is a good example. It contains a totally safe synthetic antiseptic called chlorhexidine which is used in mouthwashes and even put on babies’ umbilical cords when they are born. It also contains very highly purified natural wool fat (which is the highest grade of lanolin available). The zinc oxide in it could be called "natural" as it does occur as a mineral in nature, but the ultrafine and ultrapure form we use is made in a laboratory to ensure extreme purity and sterility.

I have often spoken to naturopaths about this and most feel that the best philosophy is to take the best that the natural and synthetic world have to offer and to avoid the unsafe things in both categories.

Cortisone for example, is actually a powerful "natural" hormone. We DON'T use cortisone in any of our products as it can upset the natural hormone balance of your body.

Our Nappy Rash Cream is so successful we have registered it with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (ATGA) (Australia's version of the US FDA). See this entry (AustR 54249 registration).

Our other products are compounded and as such do not require registration but must comply with strict quality standards.

All our raw materials are pharmaceutical grade, free of genetic modification and pesticide-free. There are no phthalates in any of our products.

For more information about the ingredients contained in specific products, please contact us.