Hypoallergenic Face and Body Balm DH1A

A protective and soothing balm made from natural ingredients.

Originally formulated for babies & suitable for all ages.

It provides a strong protective barrier against irritants, together with a deep-penetrating moisturising and conditioning action to help skin heal.

Particularly effective for eczema in babies, dribble rash, baby neck rash, body and underarms.

Relieves dryness and rough skin in adults and children. Alleviating dryness is an essential part of relieving itch and promoting skin healing.
Totally non-toxic, it can be safely applied to any area including eyelids and lips.

Best results are obtained with frequent applications, four times a day or even more to ensure there is always a protective sheen visible on the skin.

Fast & effective at curing cradle cap. Simply apply generously to affected area in the morning and allow to soften the scale on the scalp throughout the day. At night, apply baby shampoo to scalp and gently massage to loosen scale and dissolve the balm. Rinse out, and use a fine tooth comb to remove scale from hair if necessary. Using this method daily will clear up cradle cap in a few days, or up to a week in severe cases.

Due to the oily nature of the balm, daily bathing using a soap-free wash is essential. This will remove built-up balm from frequent applications throughout the day, therefore cleaning off any dirt or grime that may have become stuck to it. Straight after bathing, reapply the balm to moisturise the skin.

Also available with lavender oil as Lavender Face & Body Balm 



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