Breast Rash Cream DH25A

Our Breast Rash cream is designed to heal the breast rashes women get in the skin folds BETWEEN and UNDER their breasts. The typical appearance would be red or purple, sore, sometimes itchy rash and perhaps even raw skin, beneath the breast folds.

Hot and humid climates, summer days, perspiration and chaffing from underwire bras will increase the likelyhood that a rashy breast condition will develop on the left breast, right breast or between both breasts.

Women with larger busts (boobs) seem to suffer the problem more severely, possibly because there is more skin area covered below the breast skin fold that could be affected. In some cases, the breast folds can extend as far as the armpit or underarm area.

Breast rashBreast rashes (boob rash) are difficult to clear up because of two factors:-

  • The chest and bust area tends to get very little airflow and that creates a moist environment where fungal infection can develop. The problem usually becomes worse in hot climates and during summer.
  • Reinfection can be caused by fungal spores remaining in your underwear. You can prevent this by using high wash temperatures with your underwear.

As the bust rash condition is often associated with a mild fungal infection ladies often try antifungal creams but only with average results. Many antifungal creams contain water which actually help NOURISH the bacteria!

Our Breast Rash cream is highly protective and contains NO water thus depriving any fungal infection e.g. Yeast from the moist conditions it needs to survive.

The breast rash cream is simply applied to your affected bust and chest area just twice per day, each morning and each night.  It immediately frrls soothing and does not sting. We suggest you wear an old bra or bikini as the cream may stain your underwear.


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