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Soothing & Healing Nappy Rash Cream

Professional Testimonial

"Best nappy rash cream ever. We tried the Royal Childrens Hospital goo, Calmoseptin, Bepanthem, Sudocream, Vaseline, Olive Oil for 2 months with no real effect after a few bouts of gastro left our boy red raw and bleeding. Your cream fixed it in less than 1 day." 

Dr J (MBBS; BMedSci) Rehabilitation Registrar Victoria
August 2015

"I am so grateful for this wonderful product.  My husband is totally disabled with progressive MS. He is unable to walk (or talk), and is on his hips either in bed, his lift chair, or his wheelchair all day.  Your product has been an answer to prayer in keeping his skin healthy!  The only time he has had breakdown is when he is in the hospital!  I am so fortunate I discovered your product on the internet years ago- it was literally an answer to prayer after one of his extended hospital visits (6 weeks!). I am so appreciative.  Much love to both of you and may God bless you!"


October 2015

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! My baby boy suffered from the most horrendous nappy rash from about 3weeks old... He is now 11weeks, and the only thing that worked was your cream. His bum was red raw and bleeding; we tried everything including steroid creams.  I was lucky enough to come across a reference to your cream one night at 3am, whilst googling for treatments of nappy rash. We saw an improvement within 24hrs of using your cream"

August 2015

"I purchased the nappy cream for my 2 year old that has recurring diaper rashes due to thrush/yeast infections. Whenever his diaper area gets red, it spirals into a nightmare. This time when I saw the redness, I used the nappy rash cream immediately and the next day his skin was normal."

May 2015

"This nappy cream is amazing - I'm a first time mum and it's by far the best on the market."

September 2016