Soothing Lavender Face & Body Balm DH1B
Powerfully effective within 7 days

A natural protective and soothing lavender balm using the aromatheraputic soothing effect of lavender oil.

  • Originally formulated to clear up baby eczema and dermatitis –- totally non-toxic and safe for use on face, lips, eyelids, or anywhere on the body. Also safe to use on broken skin.
  • Gives itch relief - the anti-itch agent discourages more scratching  and gently soothes baby's skin
  • Returns moisture to dry skin - restores cell water and skin oil balance allowing the skin to heal naturally
  • Protects your baby's skin from more irritation - barrier seals the skin from harmful bacteria, food and saliva.
  • Prevents further infection - the mild antiseptic kills bacteria, while the water-free formula discourages new bacterial growth.
  • Safe to use in pregnancy.

Ideal for the following needs, including severe and chronic conditions:

  • Treating eczema (atopic dermatitis)
  • Hypoallergenic solution for eczema rash on babies eyelids
  • Curing infant facial rashes and baby face rash
  • Clearing up baby dribble rash and chin rash
  • Treatment for baby teething rashes
  • Baby rash on arms, legs or body
  • Remedy for cracked and dry lips
  • General cure for dry skin problems over the body
  • Stop facial eczema that develops during pregnancy
  • Protection for friction rash caused by babies clothing or from chafing in adults
  • Quickly fixes heat rash and milk rash
  • Cradle cap of the scalp

Naturally, our balm can provide relief for teenage and adult skin disorders as well.

Best results are obtained with frequent applications, four times a day or even more to ensure there is always a protective sheen visible on the skin.

Why are David's Face and Body Balms so naturally effective?

Unlike most creams the special base of our balms is totally water-free and has an anti-itch effect so it protects without stinging.

The barrier formed by the balm prevents the skin from drying out while protecting the damaged areas from bacteria and irritants. We use the purest medical-grade ingredients, combining the best from nature with the best modern research has to offer.

Due to the oily nature of the balm, daily bathing using a soap-free wash is essential. This will remove built-up balm from frequent applications throughout the day, therefore cleaning off any dirt or grime that may have become stuck to it. Straight after bathing, reapply the balm to moisturise the skin.

Also available without lavender oil as our Hypoallergenic Face and Body Balm if patient suffers from allergies to essential oils.


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