Nipple Cream (Pure Lanolin) DH35A
Pure Lanolin

The most common cause of cracked or bleeding nipples is breast feeding, however some women in dry climates also experience this.

The best product to relieve this condition is pure medical-grade lanolin (often called wool fat). This is an ultra-purified product and does not contain water, perfumes or additives that are in commercial lanolin. Pure Lanolin is very soothing as it prevents the nipple skin from drying by maintaining moisture levels and is totally safe for the baby to be in contact with when feeding.

Guidelines to Help You Get Fast and Effective Relief

After birth of your baby

Apply Pure Lanolin (woolfat) before and after feeding, or as often as needed, to prevent the development of tender, reddened nipples. Nipple problems typically begin a few days after birth. Our Pure Lanolin (Nipple Cream) is totally non-toxic and is safe to use on the nipple area while breastfeeding.

If you are not breastfeeding then simply apply it 3 or 4 times daily.

How to apply Pure Medical grade Lanolin

Pick up a little and work it between the fingers. The warmth of your fingers will make the pure lanolin almost liquid and easy to apply. Smooth a layer over the complete nipple before and after feeding. Cover the breast as lightly as possible or use a thin breast pad and a thicker layer of lanolin to prevent the lanolin from rubbing off before it has taken effect. Do not remove lanolin before next feeding. Reapply as soon as all excess milk has been blotted for better adhesion.

Cracked Nipples and Breast Feeding

The causes of cracked nipples are complicated and correct feeding technique is vital. If you are certain you are doing everything correctly and the baby is latching on correctly then our pure medical grade lanolin will give you rapid relief. Sometimes when breastfeeding is established nipple problems can occur as sore, red but not cracked nipples. This is often due to the baby having a strong suck. Simply use our pure lanolin as directed above.

Breastfeeding Advice

If you are uncertain of the correct feeding technique, especially how to attach the baby to the breast to minimise nipple pain, here is an excellent link to help you: Breastfeeding Centre of Western Australia. (King Edward Memorial Hospital for Women)


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