Psorexederm Penetrating Ointment DH10B
Powerfully effective within 14 days

This is a strong ointment especially for adult psoriasis that has not responded to our Psorexederm Cream.

It is quite strong so may sting a little on broken skin. Care should be taken if using on sensitive areas like the genitals or anal areas.

Like all our products it does not contain cortisone or steroids. It is based on the purest and safest available natural and medicinal extracts.

Psorexederm Ointment was specifically designed for problems like the photo on the left. It is an excellent product for severe psoriasis and eliminates scaling.

For best results, contact us to discuss optimal use of this product. Please also contact us for advice before using this product for young children. 

The ointment is compatible with all other psoriasis treatments such as UV light therapy.

Important Notes

Our standard Psorexederm Cream and Ointment are not recommended for use by pregnant mothers  as they contain Vitamin A. They are suitable for use while breastfeeding. Our Psorexederm Previt Cream can be used while pregnant as it contains Vitamin E in place of vitamin A.


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