Nappy Rash

Nappy rash (also known as diaper rash) describes any rash occurring in the area under the nappy or diaper. Irritation by ammonia from urine and/or by bacteria in bowel actions, resulting in a rash.

Nappy rash can be so severe that the skin is raw and bleeding, particularly if gastroenteritis or diarrhoea is involved, and often a thrush infection accompanies the rash.

History of our Nappy Rash Cream

In my early days as a pharmacist I had seen babies with nappy rash (diaper rash) that was so severe that the skin appeared to be raw and blistered. It was hard to believe the parents when they said that the rash had appeared after just one day.

But when my own children were born I soon discovered for myself that such raw, sore nappy rash could develop on my bubs overnight. It seemed the combination of a loose bowel action (diarrhoea) together with urine could scald a baby's buttocks in a matter of hours.

We tried all the usual creams, added tar and oils to the bath and even had antibiotic and cortisone products prescribed by doctors. Nothing seemed to protect our tots skin long enough for complete healing to occur. The rash would clear up quite a bit during the day but then get worse during the night.

It was clear that no skin care treatment could work unless it could protect the little one's tender skin completely for the whole night. But the cream had to be gentle and not sting when it was applied to raw areas with very bad nappy rash. The nappy rash ointment would need an antiseptic to protect the skin from the bacteria in bowel motions but be completely non-irritant to the sensitive damaged skin.

We managed to develop a natural cream with all those benefits using natural active ingredients which included three medicinal plant balsams in a zinc-rich, water-repellent dermatological base. It promotes rapid healing and creates a waterproof barrier that repels irritants and bacteria coming from urine and bowel motions.

You will see results with your bubba immediately and I hope you will write to us and let us know how well our natural baby care treatment has worked for you.

- David Hosking