Soothing & Healing Nappy Rash Cream DH5A
Powerfully effective within 14 days

David Hosking’s Soothing & Healing Nappy Rash Cream promotes rapid healing and creates a waterproof barrier that repels irritants and bacteria coming from urine & bowel motions.

Made from natural ingredients, our product contains three medicinal plant balsams in a zinc-rich, water-repellent dermatological base.
 The cream is even gentle enough to be applied to raw and broken skin for protection and healing.


  • Healing begins overnight - water-resistant layer protects overnight, stopping water irritation.
  • Does not sting at all - from first use our painless formula begins gently soothing your baby's skin.
  • Heals your baby's skin - three medicinal herbal balsams heal the skin naturally.
  • Protects your baby's skin from more burning - barrier prevents ammonia burns from urine and faeces
  • Prevent urther bacterial infection - the mild antiseptic kills bacteria.

Also effective for bed sores, pressure sores and incontinence rash.
Our Nappy Rash Cream is so successful we have registered it with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (ATGA) View our register entry here.

Our cream is very effective in treating delicate skin in the areas where severe nappy rashes (and thrush (candida)) typically occur such as on the backside and genitals, around the anus and the buttocks, the groin, upper thighs and the tummy.

Simply apply a generous layer of Nappy Rash Cream to affected areas at every nappy change for best results.

Our nappy rash cream does not contain cortisone, antibotics or coal tar.


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