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Breast Rash Cream

Very Rapid improvement in a short time.

"Hi David, I ordered your cream in the early hours of Sunday morning when I couldn't sleep because of my itchy painful red raw rash. The cream arrived first thing Tuesday morning and I'm writing this Friday. I cannot believe the improvement in that short time, I have gone from totally miserable to quite content. My rash is not gone but it is certainly looking heaps better. Thank you so much, all I did was google 'breast rash' and I was lucky enough to find your product" 

Relief of Hailey-Hailey disease symptoms

"I absolutely love this stuff. Going to also place another order for my cousin's daughter as she cannot afford the cream and have it shipped to her as she has the same disorder myself and my family have Hailey-Hailey or benign familial pemphigus"


"Worth every Penny"

"Dear David Hoskings Pharmacy, After several months of battling under breast rash and trying every product I came across, I found you on the internet and bought your cream remedy. It's true! It does work and so fast. The first day of using it the rash was 50% better and the itching had gone. At the end of the 1st week there was nothing to be seen. The cream is very dense, not watery or lightweight, it easily stays on until washed off. The aroma is lanolin - very pleasant. Since then I have taken your advice, no underwired bras and I keep the area dry. This product is amazing and I recommend it highly. The price is worth every penny and even though there was a large import duty to pay as I am in England, I would gladly order this product again. As a tip to other ladies, I understand that the 100 gram jars get through more than the others.(without incurring U.K. import duty) Thank you David Hoskings Pharmacy."


July 2016

"I started to put the cream on immediately, as per your instructions.  Oh my goodness, what a product.  I am absolutely delighted with the results.  Almost all the redness has now gone, so I shall continue using it for a few more days, just to be on the safe side.

To say I am glad I found your website is an understatement."

May 2015

"After trying various treatments for my breast rash which all failed to make any difference I finally searched online and found David Hoskings breast cream.  My first application made such a quick change I was surprised.  I got rid of the rash very quickly.  It does reoccur every now and again and a few applications and it's virtually gone.  Highly recommended.   I have even ordered some more."

December 2016

This Cream is Fantastic, even helped my mum's leg wounds too.
"I have been a customer of yours for a number of years now using the
breast cream very successfully for awful rashes that I get under my
breasts and around my armpits. 
This cream is fantastic. 
 My mother has had a problem with very dry and very thin skin on her legs.  She has been treating the "break outs" of skin collapse where there are open wounds for the last couple of years on the advise of the doctor.  The last break out took 2 months of treatment from the doctor and district health nurse dressing the wound 3x a week without success. 
13 days ago I suggested she try the new bottle of breast rash cream which she did and withing 10 days the wounds are healed!"
February 2018