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Psorexederm Cream

Didn't think it would work on my child who had eczema from 8months old to 8years Old. solved by Psorexederm Cream

"Hi, I am writing to thank you so much - honestly I have tears in my eyes. My daughter has suffered with severe excema from the time she was six months old and she is now 8. We have smothered her in cortisone cream and other special products for all those years and it has managed it a bit but not ever cleared it up to a level where she was comfortable. She is always always itchy. A friend told me about your product but we've tried so many formulas I had no doubt it would not work. Any way I thought I would try it - she was so insistent. Within 24 hours of using the psorexerderm cream all her excema was gone!! Only scabs from itching left. 4 days in still no excema and the biggest thing - no itching at all. We would always be telling her not to itch and there is no need any more. Even in this stinking hot weather which usually makes her heaps worse. She often has a couple of doses of zyrtec a day but not anymore! She is so excited and I am so very relieved. What a blessing and a gift! Thanks so very much." 


Treating Severe Hand Dermatitis

"I apologise for taking so long to reply but I have good news for you. I tried the method you suggested which is to soak my hands in water for 2mins before applying the psorexederm cream. My hands fully recovered in 2-3weeks. I haven't used any steriod cream for more than 2months already and occasionally when I have a little itch on my knuckles, I will just apply the psorexederm cream at night before going to bed and the next morning the itch is gone. I hope it continues to stay this way. I am so glad my hubby found you and your amazing cream. Thank you very much."


Florida T

Psorexederm for vulvitis

"This year at 30 and with no history of eczema/psoriasis, I began to suffer from vulvitis - inflamed, itchy, dry, cracking skin on the labia majora. My GP helped to rule out thrush or anything too sinister, and believed it to be some kind of dermatitis, possibly caused/made worse by regular swimming in a chlorinated public pool and changing hormone levels. Of course, the treatment prescribed was a mixture of steroid and anti-fungal creams, but I wasn’t keen on prolonged use and did not feel that this was doing very much to actually heal my red, raw skin. I was prepared to cut my swimming back to one or two sessions a week, but I certainly did not want to give up swimming entirely.

After much searching on the internet, I stumbled across a link to Psorexederm and was initially sceptical but decided to give it a go. The fact it was an Australian company and that there was information on your website about treating vulvitis reassured me - there is so little reliable information or guidance out there on this problem, and by this stage I had been suffering for months - I had nothing to lose. All I can say is ‘wow’ - within a couple of days the itching was mostly gone, and within 3-4 weeks I felt like I had the inflammation under control and that my skin had healed and was its regular pink colour again. The steroid cream gladly went in the bin.

I now only use Psorexederm for weeks at a time if there is a flare-up, but these have been few and far between in recent months. Instead, I'll tend to use it for a few days when I have my period, as I use sanitary pads anyway.

As for swimming, I’ve found Psorexederm to be an excellent protective/preventative barrier! It does stain the inside layer of togs, but washing togs in the sink or washing machine after every swim helps to minimise staining longterm. After each swim, if I still had a thickish layer of cream but didn’t want to put a sanitary pad on, I’ve found that a liberal amount of coconut oil rubbed on gently, helps to break down any remaining cream left on the skin without doing any damage.

At all other times I have also found olive oil to be the best moisturiser and that has really helped to heal my skin and put vital moisture back where it belongs!

I can’t thank you enough, not only for developing this product (that actually works!), but also for making it clear on your website that this is a great, affordable product for treating vulvitis, specifically."


November 2015

"I am so pleased with the results of my purchase and cannot thank your company enough. I had developed varicose eczema and the only answer from our doctors was to prescribe cortisone cream. This initially eased the itching but didn't do anything to get rid of the rash. The Psorexederm Cream has actually cleared up the rash and even the awful sensitivity of the skin has reduced. Thank you so much, I was beginning to feel a little desperate and had tried several alternative creams that did not work before finding your company online."


May 2016

"I used the Psorexederm cream generously and rubbed it deep into my itchy arm for 2-3 mins, by day 3 the itch was subsiding and by day 5 the rash stop spreading. By the following week, I didn't feel any itching and the rash started drying out. I am happy that I found your website and thank you very much for helping me solve a 2-1/2 year old problem. May God bless your hands in all that you do to help those who are suffering."


May 2015

"Thank you so much for your advice. My son has made improvement after I used your hypoallergenic face and body balm and psorexederm cream. Couldn't be happier about that!"

January 2017

Results in 3 days!

"My daughter has Eczema. I have tried many over the counter products. Her Eczema isn’t very severe (just random patches over her body) however she will have flare ups from time to time. Our Dr advised there really isn’t any treatment and it also has a lot to do with the area we live in and allergies.. So I have just been treating her with moisturisers. Last week she had a terrible flare up, a work colleague of mine suggested your products. I ordered Psorexederm cream last Friday evening (a week ago) I received the product Tuesday and started treating her morning, noon and night. I have attached pictures Day one is Tuesday evening (27/06) and so on. These results were after 3 days of use. I used it this morning but now her skin has healed she it’s just dry so I will start using the Hypoallergenic Face and Body Balm I also purchased.

I am so unbelievable pleased with the results and thank you so much!!!!

I am recommending it to anyone who will listen and am about to put in another order for my dad.

Thank you thank you thank you"

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3


June 2017

"Let me share a recent pic of E compared to late last year before he started using your products. Oh and yes, he's 13 months old now!

We are still using the hypoallergenic balm, on a daily basis. And it has made my life easier, at least I know how to manage it now. Couldn't thank you enough."

[Psorexederm Cream and Hypoallergenic Balm used]

July 2017

Very quick to take effect.

"Marvellous potion that works from the first application."


New York