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Tinea Cream

Worked where newer antifungal compounds failed.

"Have recommended you to others and they too have been satisfied with your remedies. The tinea cream provided quick relief of an infection of many years duration that did not respond to any of the newer antifungal compounds. Not only were they ineffective, they were shockingly expensive. When my symptoms reappear (they do after a time) they now clear up after only a few days of treatment. Thank you for your fine product and your concern for your customers." 

January 2013

I have been using your “David’s Tinea Cream” and it is absolutely fantastic!! 

January 2017

Tops of my feet are clear now...

"hi david.. well it was over a year ago,when i got this tinea on the top of my feet. im thinking i got this in a mining camp gym,on a weights machine wearing no shoes.. this caused me so much grief with a itch i cant explain.. the whole top of both feet were a big red welt... so desperate i was i tried using straight bleach on it,as all creams made it more aggresive... even went on medication... none of these worked... then in so much pain i searched for help, and found your website... the tops of my feet are clear now after using a jar of your cream... i wish i had of took a before and after photo.. im going to keep using the cream for a while yet.. this is one big life changing thing for me.. i now can wear open shoes without pepole commenting on WHAT IS THAT.. thankyou so much.."