About Us

David John Hosking (Registration No PHA0000966574), and his wife Roslyn June Hosking (Registration No PHA0000966077) are both Australian Pharmacists registered with the Australian Health Professionals register of Australia.

Our registration details can be verified by going to the 'Register Search' page of the AHPRA, The Australian Health Professionals Register of Australia

David, our principal pharmacist, is a proud graduate of the Victorian College of Pharmacy (Faculty of Monash University). He is more than happy to provide you with help and advice for any skin conditions that may be troubling you or your family.

The Victorian College of Pharmacy has a distinguished record of education and research in the pharmaceutical sciences dating back to its establishment in 1881. It is one of the leading Schools of Pharmacy in Australia, offering professional qualifications and further education for the pharmacy profession in addition to research higher degrees.

We believe that David's commitment as a Professional Pharmacist to the research and development of formulations that are effective for skin conditions that most commercial products will not assist, and through this web site, the ability to send these treatments to any regional area in the world that has a reliable postal service - are also an expression of the values and aims that the Victorian College of Pharmacy upholds.

We are proud to announce that the Pharmacy has received accreditation that allows us to display the Quality Care Pharmacy Logo.

Quality Care Pharmacy Logo is an accreditation that is administered by the Quality Care Pharmacy Program. It is gained by attaining an industry based standard very similar to the ISO 9002. This standard ensures the Pharmacy has quality control, written policies and procedures and all pharmacists and staff have been examined and certified by an external body.