Products with RESULTS for chronic conditions in 7 to 14 Days

Soothing Lavender Face & Body Balm (DH1B)

This balm was developed as a non-toxic soothing cream for rapid relief of infant eczema and other rashes, including facial rashes. It is safe enough to eat (because, of course, newborn babies stick everything in their mouths)! It can be used anywhere on the face or body of a child or toddler. Naturally, it is beneficial for adults too.

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Hypoallergenic Face and Body Balm (DH1A)

Hypoallergenic version of our Lavender Face and Body Balm, formulated without lavender oil.

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Soothing & Healing Nappy Rash Cream (DH5A)

This cream has been available since 1989 and we mail order it all over Australia and overseas. It is possibly the FASTEST acting of all our treatments, producing results for your toddler or newborn baby overnight in most cases.

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Psorexederm Cream (DH10A)

Psoriasis, Dermatitis and Eczema cream

Our best treatment for red, itchy rashes in adults.

People who have hand rashes as a result of working with harsh chemicals, oils, solvents, paint, petrol, cement, plaster and other irritants often have terribly severe skin problems such as allergic contact dermatitis with cracking and bleeding of the skin. Nurses are another group who often suffer from dermatitis on the palms of their hands due to the need to wash their hands between each patient.

The protective action of our Psorexederm cream will improve the condition tremendously. If sufferers continue to work with these irritants, they will still have some skin irritation but will still get at least a 75% reduction in the severity of the skin disorder in most cases.

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Psorexederm Penetrating Ointment (DH10B)

Previously known as: Extra Strength Penetrating Psorexederm Ointment. This ointment has even better anti-itch properties than our regular Psorexerderm Cream, as the oilier formulation allows deeper penetration of the treatment into affected skin.

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Previt Cream (DH10C)

This cream is a special formula of our famous and very effective Psorexederm Cream, designed to be a totally safe cream for use during pregnancy. Safe and non-stinging, it soothes and heals rapidly.

Ideal for psoriasis, eczema and itch of dermatitis suffered by pregnant women, whilst avoiding any products that contain Vitamin A. It is also softer, allowing massage into areas where stretch marks may form.

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Zinc Ointment (Hypoallergenic Sunscreen) (DH65)

For people who cannot use any commercial sunscreens our Hypoallergenic Zinc Ointment fulfills a vital need for sun-protection. Effective and water-resistant, without allergy!

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Psorexederm Scalp Lotion (DH15A)

The lotion has an oil base that penetrates deep into the scalp overnight to relieve itching and redness while loosening and breaking up scaly skin flakes. The penetrating base allows it to work more effectively than shampoo formulations in treating scalp rashes.

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Triple Action Acne Lotion (DH13)

David's Triple Action Acne Lotion is a 100% natural product that is quick and easy to use for the face, back and any affected areas.

Simply shake the bottle, apply some to a cotton pad and wipe the affected areas before bed. The lotion dries instantly and can be used for all ages.

The lotion removes excess oil, unclogs & reduces blackheads, reduces whiteheads, and also reduces cyst-type acne.

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Soothing Blue Acne Gel (DH55)

Soothing once-daily gel to reduce blackheads and inflammation associated with acne.

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Clear Skin Starter Kit (DH50)

Easy 3-step kit containing Cetaphil cleanser, David's Triple Action Acne Lotion and David's Extra Rich Moisturizing Cream. Everything you need to help clear acne-prone skin. Includes simple instruction leaflet.

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Extra Rich Moisturizing Cream (DH20A)

Our moisturiser actually is hygroscopic! That means it draws moisture from the air to rehydrate your skin! In fact, if you apply it to the back of one hand just 3 times for one day and then at the end of the day compare both hands, you will find an amazing reduction in wrinkles in the treated hand. This is due to the treated skin being so effectively rehydrated.

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Antioxidant Face Cream (DH45)

A multi-intensive revitaliser and highly protective daily face cream with a lightweight, grease-less texture. Contains high levels of anti-oxidants to protect healthy skin from drying out and forming lines.

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Soothing Lipcream (DH60)

Long-lasting, deeply moisturising lipcream for soothing relief of dry lips.

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Breast Rash Cream (DH25A)

This cream is highly protective and contains no water, thus depriving any fungal infection from the moist conditions it needs to survive.

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Nipple Cream (Pure Lanolin) (DH35A)

The best product to relieve painful, cracked and bleeding nipples from breast feeding is pure, medical-grade lanolin (often called wool fat). This is an ultra-purified product and does not contain water, perfumes or additives that are in commercial lanolin.

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Rosacea Cream (Sulphur Cream) (DH30A)

A non-oily cream to reduce and prevent redness and flare-ups in rosacea.

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Tinea Cream (DH40A)

This anti-fungal Tinea Cream contains two active antiseptic agents to kill fungi and bacteria along with a keratolytic agent. It is formulated in a water-resistant, penetrating base to help the active ingredients to penetrate the skin more deeply and ensure it is very effective in treating ringworm or tinea.

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NS Soap-Free Wash (DH70)

Soap-free cleanser suitable for all ages.

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