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Soothing & Healing Nappy Rash Cream

Can I apply David's Nappy Rash Cream to broken skin?

Yes. David's Nappy Rash Cream is safe to apply to broken skin, as well as intact skin. 

If your baby is fussy about having cream applied directly onto broken skin, simply place a blob of cream into the nappy (diaper). Once the nappy is on, body heat will help it melt and spread over the skin. 

Do I have to continue using David's Nappy Rash Cream after the rash is gone?

Our Nappy Rash Cream can be used as a preventative measure against nappy rash (diaper rash) occurring on healthy skin. This is especially encouraged in babies who have diarrhoea, or anyone at risk of developing pressure sores. It can also be helpful to apply nappy rash cream when you know you may not be able to change a wet nappy right away - for example, on a road trip. 

If you prefer, it is fine to discontinue use of the nappy rash cream after the nappy rash is gone and simply resume use if nappy rash returns.